After Years Of Blood, Sweat And Tears, Transformation Of Dallas’ Design District Is On The Horizon

Vipin Nambiar, managing partner for HN Capital Partners, said several factors will inform where his company takes redevelopment efforts. His overall vision is to continue to raise the profile of the district so more companies choose to set up shop there rather than flocking to suburban markets.

“You see all these headlines about growth in the Metroplex, and the reality is most of that growth has really gone to the Friscos of the world,” he said. “Our hope and goal is, as this demand plays out, we are successful in finding ways to bring that vibrancy and demand into our urban core.”

Nambiar said he wants to honor the area’s history by keeping showrooms as the base canvas for the district, but he also hopes to improve key corridors by attracting more entertainment, food and beverage, and hospitality businesses.

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