At A Glance

Since 2017, the HN Capital Partners team has acquired over $1.3 Billion of assets in a variety of real estate, hospitality and credit investments. The firm previously helped set up partner managers in high-yield credit and distressed real estate; a broad outlook further helps inform its market view and access to deal flow.

Investment Approach

HN Capital employs a comprehensive investment approach, with a focus on quality, duration and re-rating perceived risk. The firm aims to integrate duration analysis with strategic asset re-positioning to enhance cash flow and capital gains.

Pennybacker Bridge across Lake Austin in Texas, USA

Framework & Thinking

Quality focus: Create, adapt or reposition to yield high quality assets

Analytic framework and research focus to provide confidence to step into inefficiencies in private real estate transactions, as well as managing risks of macro conditions. 

Our strategic foundation is built on three primary frameworks: focus on duration, ‘priced in’ risk premia, and income growth. 

Strong alignment with its investor partners, having a differentiated approach to real estate and hospitality.

Experienced and motivated team to drive sustained growth. 

The strategy focuses on real estate and hospitality, emphasizing a lifestyle transition approach that leverages inherent strengths of the underlying asset and capitalizes on market opportunities. The team’s expertise in strategy execution and their focus on innovative solutions have contributed to the company’s sustained growth and competitive edge in the industry.